Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Mexicans take over the US government

Azeri Turks are nationals of Iran. But are Azeri Turks who rule Iran today are natives of Iran?

The debate about who is Iranian is not very familiar to people from other countries and they do not really understand what is debated. Therefore I am going to place it in an American context so they understand what we are talking about. Azeri Turks are Iranian nationals. But who is really Iranian with Iranian culture and traditions? This is what this debate is about.

Assume Mexicans take over Washington D.C. and the US government. On assuming power in US, Mexicans order all TV stations to stop showing the pictures of European American and only pictures of Mexcians will be shown on TV.

Mexicans tell Americans that they are the real Americans and have lived in US for thousands of years!!!!! Because of a previous foreign invasion by Mongols 1000 years earlier Mexicans have changed their language to Spanish but they are genuine Americans and nobody can tell the difference between a Mexican and an European American.

Also Mexicans try to force European Americans to move to Washington DC and the population of Washington DC goes from half a million to 50 million people. The reason is Mexicans control only Washington DC and have no control over other areas in US.

Mexicans tell Americans that European American do not exist in US and they are only a myth and we are all Gringos and we have the same culture and forget about your past ethnic origin. We are all mixed. The reason that Mexicans look different from European Americans is because of invasion by Arabs 1000 years earlier where Americans got mixed with Arabs.

Also Mexicans produce a lot of DNA and Genetic charts proving that they are Scandinavians.

Mexicans claim that "the real mexicans look like mongols" therefore "Mexicans are not really Mexicans but they are European-Americans". Mexicans tell all their Mexican citizens to state "Caucasian Ethnicity" and never mention "Mexican" on the internet when they are asked about their ethnicity. "Caucasian" is not really an ethnicity but is used by American Tax authorities to know how many rich oil arab sheiks live in US!!!!

To confuse people totally, Mexicans inter-change the term Mexican with European-American. They order all TV stations to call Mexicans for European Americans and call European-Americans for Mexicans. The Mexican president of US is called a European American. And the former European-American Queen of US who was appointed by the British is called a Mexican.

Cuba which is a Mexican colony to US and is run by Mexicans goes even further and shows the pictures of Russians and claims they are the real Mexicans!!!!

Mexicans even kidnap some mongols from Mongolia and bring them to US and force them to speak Spanish language. Mexicans show these mongols on TV and tell the Americans that these are the mongols who forced Mexicans to speak spanish. So it is not Mexicans fault that they speak Spanish but it is the mongols fault. Americans do not know that Mongols do not speak even a word of spanish and their language is completely different from Spanish.

Also Mexicans re-write American History and prove that George Washington and Abraham Lincoln were all Mexicans.

Also Mexicans import a lot of Mexicans from Mexico and send them to other states and try to mix up Mexicans with Native Americans.

Anybody objects to what Mexicans are doing, will be called "skin heads" and "KKK" and "White-Superamacist" and accused of racial profiling.

Assume Canada is a hispanic country. Canada knows these people are really Mexicans and not European-Americans.. Everytime Canada talks about Mexicans are our hispanic brothers, Mexicans accuse Canada of "Grey Wolves Pan-Canadian expansionism" and Canada is trying to promote "separatism" in US and tell Canadians to buzz off as Mexicans are European-Americans and have nothing to do with Canadians.

I let you imagine how US would look like under these conditions!!!!!! And this is the situation in Iran today with Azeri turks ruling Iran.